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On the digital landscape, words can only communicate so much; your brand does the rest. People develop habits around what makes them feel good. It could be anything ranging from satisfaction, responsibility, honesty, or values. Your brand is supposed to be a vehicle packed full of such positive reinforcement. That’s where we come in. 

Building long-lasting visual identities while staying focused on meeting the customer needs, we aim to create brands that offer up an authentic digital connection. From helping start-ups with creating new brands to re-energize and revitalize existing brands, Integrity SEM  will help you realize your business’s ambitions.

How We Establish Your Brand

When it comes to branding, Integrity SEM knows the best!

Break-out brands don’t happen overnight. A brand is an idea, and branding is effectively channeling that idea in the digital market. Today’s audience has so many brands vying for their attention that you need to pinpoint what resonates, when and why to cut through your competition like a hot knife through butter.

Brand Strategy: Defining Brand Goals

The Big Idea!

Our clients often respond with the feedback that our unique digital marketing approach makes us stand out from the crowd but, to Integrity SEM, it is second nature. To develop a basic plan of action, we like to learn about your business as much as possible before putting pen to paper. 
Proper research and strategy help to add structure to the creative thinking process. 
By learning about the business, understanding the customers, and gaining market insight, we help brands in achieving their goals such as,

  • Enhanced sales 
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • A loyal customer base

Creative: Brand Expression, Look & Feel

Communicating the vision of your company at just a glance!

This is the stage where the magic happens. During the design development stage, colors and shapes matter a lot. These are the primary mediums through which the audience perceives the look and feel of your brand. Bright colors tend to get more attention, while dull colors don’t get the same reaction. Similarly, a small image on a busy website will not get noticed, whereas a bigger ad will probably stand out.

Combining knowledge from research and direction from strategy, our brand designers put their heads together to dream big and create the extraordinary. The output includes,

  • Mood boards
  • Material boards 
  • Sketchbook of concept design options for both the brand and physical space

Ultimately a new brand identity is created.

Brand Positioning & Implementation: Launching the Brand

Branding campaigns- designed to increase brand engagement!

Having a high-quality product or service as the backbone for your branding project is highly important. If you have that to fall back on, you can build up your brand image over time. Integrity SEM  will make sure that you are ready to be branded before taking the plunge.

Whether you want to announce your brand to the world through a phased approach or launch with a bang, our in-house team of passionate web designers, copywriters, digital marketers and designers will help in firmly implement your brand. Depending upon your budget and goals we can support you with,

  • Designing and building an amazing website
  • Designing visual assets including logos, fonts, images, and color palette
  • Launching the band across digital and print mediums
  • Indoor and outdoor displays

What We Offer

Great creativity is where we begin. Be it a simple logo design or a comprehensive multi-channel campaign; we create powerful visuals that tell a story. You can opt for our individual services according to your digital marketing requirements, or you can choose to make use of all that we have to offer.

Logo Design

The spark that lights the fire!

At Integrity SEM , we know a brand can only be as strong as the creative elements that drive it. We don’t simply design logos; we strengthen your image in the market by strategically building a brand identity. With the perfect mix of fonts, colors, shapes and other aesthetic graphical elements, our professional logo designers know how to create an attractive logo.


Big canvases require big ideas!

Taglines are brand triggers and act as a verbal logo. Upon hearing or seeing this short phrase, people will instantly associate the brand they belong with.  These few words might prove really irksome because creating effective taglines that also stand the test of time to brand your business is not as easy as it sounds. 
That’s where we come in. Our creative geniuses will create taglines that are easy to digest and represent your brand’s essence. 

Digital PR

Driving attention, building authority & shaping attitudes around your brand!

Along with opening up a world of opportunity, the online dimension also makes it harder for the brands to cut through the noise in the digital arena unless you know, how. Digital PR marketing requires specialists who have contacts in all the right places. With our digital PR strategy, we positively influence the way people think and act by,

  • Media Relations
  • Press Release
  • Reputation Management
  • Media Training
  • Event Support
  • Educational Videos